Activities at Matanamadh

Under the administration of the trust, other activities like rural development, health and educational activities are regularly carried out and carried on.


Notebooks as per requirements are distributed by the temple free of charge to pupils of the schools of the village: Matanamadh and of determined surrounding areas every year. Under the distribution of notebooks, the schedule caste and schedule tribe pupils are also covered. Besides, schools bags and necessary all other educational activities, book etc. are distributed free of charge to those pupils who initially enter the first of education likewise.

In addition this, every year handsome prizes or attractive articles for encouragement are awardees regularly of the pupils standing 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks in their respective standards. All these good deeds are carried out in order to increase children of this area in education.



Moreover, a mobile (vehicle) facility from the temple has been presented to the government dispensary here, following requirements of the people of this area.

In accordance with the requirements of the surrounding people, medical camps to get patients examined by the team of specialist doctors are held together with on arrangement to furnish medicals to the patient with no cost. In case additional requirements emerge from, and aid is also arranged and provided for further better treatment to the needy. It is also arranged to furnish medicals etc. to the needy people at any other time. Another planning is also presently under consideration to increase and implement adequate medical facility more to the people of surroundings villages.

Rural Development

This temple – trust following the need undertakes several plans for outright development of this holy village of pilgrimage and on accomplishment of these plans, there are entrusted to the village authority.

This temple unremittingly keeps rendering flow of helps and arts for the development activities and requirements of this village which include mainly cement-roads, community hall an temple for small caste charging and recharging works of wells for drinking water for the villagers, medical-aids for the health of the villages and aid in construction village-school, animal pen.

Rural Development (Control)

In addition, during the period of scarcity year the planning of clover – centre or fodder is managed by the temple.

In the famine year, the planning is worked out by the temple of maintain livestock of 20 to 22 surroundings villages.

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