Facilities at Matanamadh

It has been exclusively organized to provide tourists with complete facilities at Matanamadh.

Food And Stay

At present, the living and staying arrangements made by the Jagir Trust and located within the temple complex are available as follows.

1. Non-Ac Separate rooms attached with bathroom 32+1
2. Simple general rooms 20+3
3. Small but specious rooms 04
4. Large hall 02

Besides the arrangement stated above additional arrangement facility for the tourists have been available on CHACHRAKUND, which are under.

1. Simple general separate rooms 12
2. Large hall 03

It addition to this, arrangement such as rooms – hall or cottage inn have also been made for saints and sages.

On Recognition of this place as a pilgrim-place during the tour & travel year, forward planning to increase and add further facility is also in hand so that, the planning to arrange stay in the determined enroute-programme can be completely organized well in advance.

At present, there is nothing like advance booking system for arranging for stay in the rooms on halls. However following an intimation made well in advance in this behalf and getting it registered accordingly, the booking system is surely available and works out the planning accordingly, in this regard.

Despite our inability to meet with and provide the aforesaid arrangement of stay for all pilgrims that usually come large throng, in the cause of Navratri (Nine Nights) festival period, utmost attempts are made to arrange the stay-facilities for such thousands of pilgrims to the best of our ability and sources whatsoever accessible to us, only during these nine days of the Navratri festival period.

All these arrangements are organized by the Matanamadh Jagir Trust, in respect of which nothing is levied or charged from anybody. These arrangements consisting in room facilities, coats, mattresses, quilts or duvets and water and light arrangements are made free of charge. Not only that, but due to and following the season of winter, the arrangement of hot water is also provided. And innumerable pilgrims have been benefiting from the existing arrangements, every day.

The arrangement of communication offering of eatables (Prasad) for the pilgrims of this pilgrimage-place is also provided by the Jagir Trust. All the pilgrims can enjoy these meals and offerings of eatables from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at night. The meals and offering of eatable (Prasad) are normally arranged for these pilgrims who may either get late or come earlier, so that they can take benefit of the same.

In case, advance intimation is transmitted to us, the meals as per their choice in accordance with their castes and creeds such as Jain meals could be organized. (i.e. attempts are made to organized such meal in bulk, if the intimation of arrival of pilgrims in large number reaches us well in advance). In daily holy gathering, palatable, simple and well-whetting meals are generally served to all, from the Jagir Trust, free of charge.

This Jagir Trust also makes an arrangement of an additional meals in its dining hall (Bhojan – Prasad) in case such meals are to be offered in from of communion in context of celebration of a commitment (Manta) observed by any pilgrims or devotees.

The temple administration has created and formed another trust under name and style of Shri Ashapura Bhandar & Atithigruh Trust which conducts this dinner service.

To provide the visiting pilgrims with pure drinking water, a huge R.O. plant has been installed within the temple complex, which caters cooled water during summer.

A cowshed has also been maintained in the temple, which embodies over 150 cows etc. and of which planning is orderly worked out.

Scrupulously arrangement has also been made to feed bird’s with grain, under the scheme of grain to birds, where every morning and evening, flock of birds like peacock gathers as if the fair of birds were held. And such scene appears to be very beautiful and eye-catching.