Temples Around

Temples Around

Temple of Hinglaj Maa

Temple of Hinglaj Mataji in Mata na Madh Kutch was constructed by Maharao shri Deshalji II. Original temple of Hinglaaj mataji is situated in hills of small town of Baluchistan known as Makaran. It is very difficult to visit original temple at Makaran as one has to cross many jungles and other hurdles to reach there. Also one has to face dangerous thieves/decoits which come along the way. Story behind the existence and creation of Hinglaaj maa temple at mata na madh is like this.

Once upon a time maharao shri deshalji second decided to visit hinglaaj maa temple at makaran. Before starting his journey to Baluchistan, he visited Ashapura temple at mata na madh. On his visit, the mahant raja shri tejsinh advised him not to go on this dangerous journey. So maharao listened to him and decided instead of going there, he would construct hinglaaj maa temple here in mata na madh. So he laid the foundation of temple and entrusted the construction work of temple to temple architects known as Sompuras. After completion of temple complex, maharao shri placed white marble idol of Hinglaaj maa with 8 Bhujas with all traditional rituals and opened it for public on Vaishakh Vad 10 of Vikram Samvat 1912.

Temple of Chachra Bhavani

This temple is on western side of “Chachra Kund” situated on northern side of village. This south facing temple is carved out from hillocks into a caved basement with Chachra Bhavani’s idol facing east. In the compound of chachra bhavani, there is another west facing temple of Lord Shiva known as Bhopaleshwar. It is believed that this temple was constructed by Kapdi Gopal Raja in around Vikram Samvat 1870, and chachra bhavani temple is assumed to have been constructed 300 years ago by kankatta nathaji.

Temple of Khatla Bhavani

This ancient temple is believed to be constructed by pujari shri Dhanji Raja around Vikram Samvat 1800. Since the idol of Maa Bhavani is placed on the seat which is modeled in the shape of bed (locally known as “khatla”), this temple is named so. This temple is situated on small hill on the west of Mata na Madh and is very beautiful and peaceful site to visit. It is easily accessible by cement concrete steps on both sides which are constructed from donated funds.

Temple of Shitla Mata

This temple was constructed in the year Vikram Samvat 1902. This is also an east facing temple. Since it is located in a huge compound, there are other temples like Raghunathji temple and Lakshminarayan temple adjoining it.

Temple of Shri. Jagora Bhavani

This temple is located on hill named Jagora which is approximately 2 miles away on the northern side of Mata na madh. On the top of this hill 2 big black stones are naturally placed in such a way cave like basement is created between them. The main entry is south facing while there is one another central way from where one can exit in the western side. Inside the cave, on the northern side sindoor coated red colored statue is placed and is named as Jagora Mataji. This goddess is mainly worshipped by community of Hindu Vaishnav Vanik known as Mahashwaris. Every year devotees of this Mahashwari community offer prayers to mataji with Bhajans.