Arrangement of S.T. Buses

Arrangement of S.T. Buses

Direct buses from Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Siddhpur, Mahesana and Radhanpur.

You can avail buses every one hour or so from Bhuj ST bus Depot.

There are four private bus service providers from Ahmedabad to direct Matanamadh.You can also get private buses from Bhuj to direct Matanamadh every hour or so.

If you are arriving by train, Bhuj railway station is the last station.

If you are flying to Bhuj by air, Bhuj Airport is the last destination stop.

Please note that cracking of Shrifal (Nariyal) is NOT ALLOWED during Navratri. Only full Shrifal is allowed to serve as Prashad.

For any other enquiry / assistance / help / gift or donation, please contact MATANAMADH JAGIR TRUST OFFICE, which will be OPEN 24 hours during the Navratri.